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Fostering and Adopting Our Horses

A great benefit of rescuing a horse from an organization like HHSMI is our commitment to ensuring each horse is a good fit for its adoptive family. Our horses are assessed for riding ability and restrictions and have all been properly vetted to identify any medical conditions. Our young horses and those without training, may receive hands-on and/or under saddle training as appropriate/as funds allow while they are with us.   Note there is no such thing as a free horse.    Prospective owners must be willing to cover the cost to provide training if needed and standard veterinary care along with adequate shelter, access to water and safe , secure pasture during the application process.   Fostering is a good way to start the process and many adoptions are done on a six month foster to adopt.   During the foster timeframe, HHSMI covers any vet and farrier costs while the foster home provides hay and feed.

Please note that we do not respond to requests to provide pictures or additional information about our horses until we have an approved pre-application on file.   To see current pictures of our horses go to our Facebook page:  To request a pre-application, please email i[email protected]

Regarding adoptions, please know we make a lifetime commitment to our horses. Our horses are adopted on lifetime leases with "no sale-no auction" terms. Adopters may transfer their horse for val​ue to private individuals, but the transferee must agree to HHSMI’s terms as outlined in the original adoption agreement.  Additionally, our mares are adopted with "no breeding" provisions. We also have a number of "lifetime sanctuary" horses. These are the horses whose age, soundness or medical issues, or behavioral problems prevent them from being suitable for adopted homes.

If you have any questions about our horses below, or would like a pre-application to start the foster/adopt process, please inquire via Facebook message or email provided below: